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June 2021

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7 Ice Fishing Tips To Be Cautious Of

Even though you have the best ice fishing equipment out there, you will not be able to do your best with these below listed ice fishing tips. Just read to know further.

7 Ice Fishing Tips

1. Get Going

It doesn’t matter as to when and where are you fishing but the key is to catch few fish. Let me begin this tip by explaining with an example. Suppose you’re in boat & you notice that your fish rod isn’t getting much bites, then will you stay in the same place? I don’t think so! So, why would you do that in winter? With those portable huts, it is far easier for you to switch to places if you don’t find fish. 

2. Learn More

When it comes to ice fishing tips, this certainly cannot be missed out. To match with the present ice fishing trends, just go through few books, websites, videos, TV and magazines. These will give you updated information on ice fishing and the best ways carried out in catching one. 

3. Come Prepared

There is a good reason as to why professional anglers make use of many ice fishing equipments and rods. It literally means that they are well prepared and ready to catch as quickly as possible. Hence, you will have to be always ready to catch the fish species. No matter how deep they are, rods will help you. So be ready with the right ice fishing equipments. 

4. Don’t Overdo

One of the biggest mistakes, which most of the ice anglers do is fishing for the so-called “Panfish” & bigger fish like walleye and trout. Without doubt, aggressive fish hammers a bigger spoon jerked up & down hard, but odds is in your favor only when you hold back this technique for attracting the fish in an area wherein more subtle method won’t work. As an alternative, try twitching the bait by simple moving the wrist alone, or gradually move the rod’s tip up & down with few inches.

5. Watch Few Things

Many walleye and bass pros stick onto watching their fish lines for spotting hits. An Ice angler can raise their possibilities by doing something similar. Just watch your line cautiously, at a point wherein it exactly enters water. Even you notice slightest movement — it kinks, it tightens or moves a little, then just set your hook to it. 

6. Go easy 

This is one of the most vital ice fishing tips to note down. As soon as you set your hook, avoid quick and a sharp jerk. Consider both the depths at which you are fishing & stretch line of mono. The deeper you are fishing, more will be the stretch. Even skilled ice anglers make use of steady yet significant upward lift while fishing deep waters. If you are using no-stretch line like Berkley FireLine, then you can easily set your hook faster, but make sure you use equal upward lift while your fishing mono.

7. Lighten Load

In recent times, the finest ice anglers opt for smaller lures and baits. They even use lighter lines & rod actions. 

6-pound line at medium-action fish rod would be great for panfish too. As an alternative, light-action and super-sensitive ice rods with 2-pound tests have proved to be more effective. In fact, the trends of 1990s on using the heavy-duty bait casters along with a 20-pound test, 4-foot ice rods has paved way to a shorter & medium-action rod coupled with 8-10 pound test as well as spinning reels. So, why should you lighten up? Well, the need is for finessing fish of high fishing pressure.