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7 Most Expensive Yacht In The World

The super-riches can buy anything they want to. It can be cities, countries, states, islands or even continents. It doesn’t seem big to them. Super-rich can buy insanely posh cars, which cost over huge populations’ houses and lands, in a jiffy. It is just a matter of seconds to have the deal signed and things being owned. Now, talking about yachts, you might be curious in knowing which the most expensive yacht in the world is. Well just read the article further to know in detail.

7 Most Expensive Yachts In The World

Trust me – the below listed most expensive yachts are so well-styled, well-equipped and lavish that people sailing on it will naturally want nothing more than this. Sure, they won’t be able to make peanut M&Ms at the middle of ocean if they are out from the yacht. But, whatever you need is there right inside. 

1. History Supreme

Cost: $4.8-billion

The owner of this particular yacht isn’t exactly clear. However, there are rumors that a reputed Malaysian businessman is someone owning this expensive yacht. Few say that it may be “Robert Kuok” whereas others are not sure about it. Let us leave all about who owns it and focus on the price. It is the most expensive yacht in the world with the biggest price tag. The vessels of this particular yacht are lavishly designed and use 100,000-kilograms of gold and platinum. Can you believe that? No one in the history has made such an expensive yacht and this is why it has been named “History Supreme”. 

2. Eclipse 

Cost: $800-million

Yet another most expensive yacht in the world after History Supreme is none other than Eclipse. This yacht is 528-foot with a crew containing 7024-guest rooms, 2-helipads & even a small submarine. I repeat this again, mini submarine. Taking submarine out just for spin at ocean’s middle – really sounds great! This can only be done only on Eclipse. A well-known Russian billionaire named “Roman Abromovich” owns this yacht. This is lavishly designed with the most advanced technology. It even has an intruder-detecting system that easily detects spy cameras, anti-paparazzi shields made from laser etc. It was built at Hamburg, Germany. 

3. Dubai

Cost: $350-million

This is one of the most expensive yachts with a price tag of 350 million dollars. The great 525-mega yacht features a massive swimming pool, helipad and an exclusive posh spa. It is even nicknamed as “floating city” for the reason that it has almost everything a person requires in his or her day-to-day life. 

4. SuperYacht 

Cost: $323-million

Yet another most expensive yacht in the world, occupying 4th place is called “SuperYacht”. A well known Russian billionaire named “Andrei Melnichenko” owns this exclusive yacht. 

5. Al Said

Cost: $300-million

This unique yacht has a distinctive superstructure made from aluminum. It is named after the person who owns it. He is none other than “Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said” from Oman. It is the 2nd biggest yacht in the world and was built in the year 2007 & 2008. 

6. Dilbar 

Cost: $263-million

Guess Russians are trying to break the record of owning the most number of expensive yachts. Even this particular yacht is owned by a rich Russian businessman named “Alisher Usmanov”. It was built during the year 2008 and is actually named on his mom’s name. This yacht has the capacity to accommodate 20-guests along with crew containing 47-members.

7. Al Mirqab

Cost: $250-million

Qatar’s Prime Minister “Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani” owns this yacht. It has 10 exclusive suites and can hold 24-guests to the maximum. It even has 2 unique VIP rooms. In addition, it features sun deck, helipad, movie theatre and a pool.

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Top 5 Cruises To The Caribbean

Cool ocean breezes, bright sunshine and a wonderful moon, which lights the splendid starry sky. If hearing these words wants you to be there then it is time to take a trip to the Caribbean. Sailing on the best cruises to the Caribbean can be nothing better. This post lists you 5 top cruises to Caribbean. Check them out

Best 5 Cruises To Caribbean

1. Princess Cruise Line

Caribbean have that ultimate natural beauty, which we humans have always wanted to see. Right from its white sandy beaches to lush tropical forests, Princess is undoubtedly the best cruise to Caribbean. All you need is to sit and relax back for an exotic journey. Pack all your bags, escape from the hustle-bustle city lives, and try resting beside Mother Nature. The experience on being onboard of Princess cruises is something that cannot be explained through words but requires being felt. There are exclusive spas, hot tubs, delicious cuisine, unique dining, great cabin interiors and amazing fun every moment. What is more? Well, try out your luck at its massive casinos, have yourself pampered at its Lotus spa, watch those entertaining shows, sit at its lounges, join its dance classes, night clubs and lots more you will be amazed to watch each night. 

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2. Norwegian Cruise Line

Yet another best cruise to Caribbean is “Norwegian”. More or less one-half of its staterooms have beautiful balconies. Talking about its bathrooms, they are very spaciously designed & have finest amenities for making your experience the most memorable one. Those mini bars are always stocked with the items you have desired for. On the other hand, eating had never been with so many options – about 10 huge restaurants for ultimate dining pleasure with an open seating! There is something satisfying every taste of your family member in Norwegian cruise lines. This is the reason why it has been listed second onto my list of best cruises to Caribbean. 

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3. Celebrity Cruise Line

If you wish to feel renewed and refreshed on the massive ocean voyage then Celebrity Cruise Lines are the ideal. This cruise has been even ranked as the world’s best fleets & is admired for its style and elegant finishes. There are modern amenities and spacious accommodations, which I don’t think you will be able to see in any other cruise line. Talking about its service, it is outstanding. You need something for your baby? Just ring them up and within minutes, they will get to you. This is one of the top rated as well as an award-winning cruise line. There is relaxing spas, café, mini bars, cuisine, specialty restaurants, indoor pools, outdoor pools, gym, casino and so on. 

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4. Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival is one of the best cruises to the Caribbean. This is a “fun ship” and experiencing your vacation with this cruise is certainly great. Visit those cool caves at Barbados and get little French flavor at Martinique. Snorkel at the blue waters and scuba diving at Belize is something to be experienced at Carnival of course. You can pick interior staterooms with exceptional value or select a spacious suite with ocean view. This is up to you. May whatever you pick, Carnival cruise line’s service is going to be the best. It offers huge pools, golf course, Seaside Theater and lounges. 

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5. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

When it comes to best cruises to the Caribbean, Royal is always included in the list. Its great “Oasis of Seas” cruise is the best out there. It’s the biggest cruise in this world while been rivaled by its only predecessor “Freedom Of Seas”. These 2 are the perfect cruises for a vacation to the Caribbean. There are exceptional facilities that you won’t even feel bored even for a second. 

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